The Párisi Nagyáruház (Paris Department Store) can be found on Andrássy Road. It was modified in the first few years of the new century – Sámuel Goldberger intended to create the most modern department store of the age, based on a Paris pattern. The main facade of the contemporary casino building was built in Art Nouveau style. Downstairs, as we walk through Alexandra bookcafe, an escalator leads us to the contemporary ballroom, the Lotz-hall.

The hall was named after the creator of its ceiling frescos, celebrated artist of his time, Károly Lotz.

It is one of the oldest and most praised cafés in the city. The place indeed has a special atmosphere. Besides the modern elements, the elegant details from the turn of the century are outstanding. That escalator is like a time machine.

The Lotz-hall is a place in the city where you can ignore the passing of time while you enjoy a cup of coffee, and return to a more human-like nature.

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Andrássy út 39, 1061, Budapest, Hungary

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