We’re very excited to announce the premier of Jungle Noize’s Remix EP, exclusively on Quint Magazine!

Originally from San Antonio, Jungle Noize is made up of Tyler Olsson (guitar, vocals), Joshua Gutierrez (guitar, synthesizer), Sarek Gutierrez (percussion), Matt Hill (bass), Chris Malacara (saxophone, keys), Simon Kumar (engineer, producer), and Rawb Bishop (design). Currently the band works out of San Antonio, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Inspired by philosophy and music spanning a range of traditions and genres has lent a really interesting diversity to their sound. Jungle Noize’s music is also influenced by the members’ constantly evolving knowledge and taste, as well as the various locations where they work and live, resulting in a progressive sound which moves and changes with them.  

We caught up with Jungle Noize guitarist Josh Gutierrez, and Tomas Salazar, producer and founder of First-Caste Records, who are releasing the EP on their label, and chatted about the beauty of creative collaboration, as well as their upcoming projects. 


Why did you decide to release this Remix EP?

Tomas Salazar (CEO First-Caste Records): When Jungle Noize first came aboard First-Caste Records there were several discussions regarding a remix EP for their release ‘Raga’. We felt it was a good way to unite the band with the electronic artists on the label. Our vision is to work together as a family. This was a good way to get everyone integrated.

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How did you go about selecting the people to remix the EP? Can you tell us a little about them?

Tomas: We chose to invite artists that were based in Texas and had worked with the Label in the past. The producers are based out of 3 main cities: San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. Xy!o, aLr boosh, and Lizarazo have all been on the First-Caste roster for quite some time now. Inflatable Robot is the latest addition to the First-Caste family and we hope to hear some new material from him in the near future. Android Genius of ‘Prints NotPrince’ is a Houston resident who has performed at some of our release parties and take-overs. His style is a strong representation of the sounds coming out of the South.

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Any personal favourites?

Joshua Gutierrez (Jungle Noize): All of the artists we chose to be a part of this special project are our personal favorites. Easy!

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How did you guys react to the submissions?

Joshua: The submissions were great! Everyone’s vibe was different and collectively it fits together so naturally. It was really inspiring to hear what each collaborator came up with.

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It’s really cool to see bands collaborating in this way – essentially asking other musicians to take their songs and do what they want with them. As a band what have you gained from this collaboration?

Joshua: Jungle Noize has been transitioning into more of an electronic genre of music so having our friends remix a track we made was just a natural progression. Jungle Noize is experimental by nature and we jumped at the opportunity to do something collaborative with this select group of electronic artists. The greatest thing we gained was getting accepted into the electronic world. When people hear our music they don’t necessarily think “electronic” right away. So getting the thumbs up from the artists we selected was really a big deal for us. Bridging the two worlds is not an easy thing to do, and many people are hesitant to even take part due to the unknowable outcomes of such a project.

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Do you plan on doing another project like this in the future?

Joshua: Absolutely! We love exploring new collaborative territory and will be working on something extra special for our upcoming release in December.

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What do you guys have coming up next?

Joshua: We have been working on our new album titled “Mammals” for the past 2 years. We are calling this current body of work a studio album because the entire record was made in our home studio, which allowed us to work more diligently on the music than in the past. Another reason we dubbed this record a ‘studio album’ is because of the amount of additional musicians we have playing on this record. We expect the album to be released in December of this year.


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