As soon as you step inside and see the restrained and refined interior, your curiosity takes over. A flat turned creative workshop, Flatlab is a stage for different creative fields to work with and around each other.


Flatlab opened in 2011 as a cooperation between six young designers: Andrea Bordács – KNIFF, Virág Ildikó Erdei, Zsófia Geréby – Urban Legend, Linda Gergely, Emese Kasza – MEI KAWA, and Gergely Szőke – NØD.

Since then Eszter Laki joined them, along with Dániel Nagy, and Péter Orbán. Flatlab has evolved into a creative space, gallery, studio, marketplace, and design workshop. A creative factory where each artist has their own space to work, and a shared space to sell. It also regularly exhibits the work of designers who don’t work at Flatlab, like TATZ, Viki Hitka, 10:10, and Kag, just to mention a few recent ones.

There are also plans in place for expansion. It’s the ideal place for young creatives, not only because the costs are shared, but because ideas are realised much more naturally and organically. The people who work at Flatlab are at once independent individuals, and the perfect creative team. So it’s not surprising that the collaborations between these talented and diverse people result in some very exciting and refreshing work.


BUD_flatlab_007 BUD_flatlab_004 BUD_flatlab_002


3. Baross utca, District VIII, Budapest, Hungary