In an alley merely a spitting distance away from the prominent Heping W. Road, across an empty allotment, adjoined comfortably to a typically austere residential building, Cafe Macho (早秋咖啡) is something of a peculiarity in its chosen location. Unlike other similar store-front businesses running in trendy areas, the equally urbane coffee shop, concealed by the camouflage of regularity, is rather difficult to come across by chance.


Owner Bang Wei (邦維) built the lively interiors of the shop manually with the help of his co-workers and opened for business in June 2012. Having worked for other cafes before, he started his own intending it to be more distinctive – a part ‘home’, part ‘information centre’ for all its patrons.


With a visit, the sentiment is immediately apparent. A ‘No Nukes – No More Fukushima’ cloth banner bigger than their actual signage is the first thing to welcome you. At the doorstep, a plain table of flyers and brochures can easily be accessed even by non-customers; albeit not lacking any. As a matter of fact, the moderately-sized establishment is usually full, visited often by the bookish and students from nearby universities competing for free tables. But once seated inside, the atmosphere is indeed home-y yet vibrant; a well balanced environment unobtrusive to work and fitting for relaxation.


No. 10, Jinjiang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100